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Thanksgiving Point

Thanksgiving Point contains a variety of family destinations (Farm Country, Museum of Ancient Life, Butterfly Biosphere and the Thanksgiving Point Gardens), and offers concerts, summer camps, classes, cooking classes, restaurants, gift shops, and a farmers market.


Thanksgiving Point Institute is a quality of life, education based charity.

Created in 1996 by Alan and Karen Ashton, Thanksgiving Point is the gathering place for the rapidly growing communities along the Wasatch Front and throughout the state. Their untold generosity is unparalleled, and the result is this wonderful community resource.

In a world that is frenetic, over-programmed and increasingly disconnected, Thanksgiving Point offers a respite from the demands and stress of daily living. With quality at the core of what we do, we contribute to the lives of individuals, families and communities by offering experiences that change lives through The Promise of Discovery.

Thanksgiving Point Gardens, the Children’s Discovery Garden, Farm Country, and the Museum of Ancient Life, and the Emporium and restaurants offer stimulating and engaging experiences in a safe, family-friendly setting. They foster learning, bring families closer together and provide beautiful gathering places for groups of all kinds, giving them opportunities to share their cultural heritage and common bonds.

Hands-on discovery is delivered through innovative educational courses, day camps and field trips. Educational offerings are designed for every age group, from toddlers to adults.

* First grade students on a field trips grind and plant wheat, discovering that bread comes from a plant. They go home with a living necklace of wheat seed; sharing the discovery with their families and watching the seed grow.
* Students in the Children’s Discovery Garden explore the web of life, learning that they are uniquely connected to their environment. Climbing on the Mineral Mound, peeking into the Eco-Pond, and exploring the bear caves foster the sprit of exploration and curiosity, creating attitudes that will stay with them for a lifetime.
* At the Erosion Table in the Museum of Ancient Life, fourth graders build dams, create flash floods and discover how dinosaur remains are fossilized.
* Junior High students, as part of their TLC (Technology, Life and Careers) courses discover a myriad of career options demonstrated in everyday business operations at Thanksgiving Point.
* Women, and a few intrepid men, attend a cooking class to learn the art of fondue, Chinese cooking or how to indulge their chocolate fantasies. Their improved culinary skills alone will improve the quality of life in the area.
* Horticulturists are educated, enlightened and entertained as they learn to become Master Gardeners under the tutelage of Larry Sagers, the state’s premier Master Gardener.
* Aspiring painters, glass artists, potters and stained glass artists are engaged in the process of learning and perfecting their craft at the Art Institute.

Experiences at Thanksgiving Point offer discovery with a flair that is unique. Because of the creativity that is paramount in the design of our venues and programs, people who engage in the Promise of Discovery have a one-of-a-kind adventure that is both memorable and life-changing.

Academic, Science, Nature/Outdoors, Preschool, Arts: Performance, Music, Hands-on